A unique opportunity to visit some of Australia’s premier crop production facilities, coupled with a specialized training program. Australia exports 72 percent of its agricultural production. According to the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), horticulture is a significant part of Australian agriculture, accounting for around 25% of the total gross value of agricultural production in 2020-21.

A two-week Protected Cropping and Soilless Farming study tour will be conducted for participants from the Asia-Pacific countries in Victoria state of Australia from the 22nd of May- the 3rd of June 2023. 22nd of May 2023 also happens to be International Day for Biological Diversity.

This study tour is being organized by two members of the PCA (Protected Cropping Australia) Ltd viz. Genesis Horticultural Solutions https://www.genesis-hort.com.au and CV Hydro www.cvhydro.com.au are both Australian-registered companies in the field of Horticulture Training and Consulting. Both companies are also members of the Hydroponics Farmers Federation https://www.hff.org.au/

The study tour of two weeks will consist of classroom theory training, visits to operational farms, and practical work as well.
The Community College of Gippsland, Victoria will be the learning center during the study tour. Possibilities are being worked out for participants to participate in PCA’s Growers day program where commercial growers would be present and would be sharing their experiences.

During the weekends the students will be taken on leisure and recreation tours to break the monotony of the previous week of learning.

This study tour is meant to showcase Australian Protected Cropping methods and advances made by Australian growers over several decades. It will also showcase Australian Hydroponics/Soilless farming technologies which are among the best in the world. The theory training will be delivered by Tony Bundock, the Managing Director of Genesis Horticultural Solutions based in Melbourne, Victoria. Tony is the only Priva certified Trainer in Australia and has in the year 2017 conducted a 5-day training course along with their education partners in India viz. Aggragannya Skills Private Limited (Operating under the brand name CV Hydro) with 15 years of training experience in India.

This study tour will be of immense help to all present commercial growers using Protected farming (soil or soilless) It is also a great opportunity to learn best practices in Horticulture. This study tour is also useful for those who aspire to take up horticulture as a career or become future growers. In a nutshell, the key takeaways for participants will be;

• Explore the world of agricultural excellence and cultural experiences:
• Exposure to Sustainable Farming Practices
• Knowledge of Innovative Horticultural Technologies
• Understanding of the Australian Agricultural Industry
• Best Practices and Ideas
• Insight into Agricultural Policy
• Networking Opportunities

For further information please see the brochure through the following link www.cvhydro.com.au

Or email us at cv@cvhydro.com.au