Hort Innovation has recently engaged Osborn Consulting Engineers to ‘develop technical guidelines based on the findings of VG13055 – Building Codes and Greenhouse Construction for inclusion in the National Construction Code’.

Essentially, Osborn has been engaged to take a proposal to the National Construction Code (NCC) for the creation and implementation of a nationally recognised greenhouse standard within the framework of the building code.

Importantly, the project also provides growers and industry with an educational toolbox in relation to many of the common issues, concerns and requirements associated with greenhouse and crop protection structures.

It’s a great initiative from Hort Innovations and one that should have a huge impact for any grower looking at developing a new greenhouse in the future.

Any grower that has been involved in the development of a new greenhouse project will know that the approval process is often cumbersome placing a lot of onus on the grower/owner in the areas to provide extensive information for councils that often do not know how to treat a greenhouse building.

Fire safety requirements within the building code often require alternative solutions to be developed by fire safety engineers and consultants which cost the grower a lot of money and often more importantly – Time!

The tender award from Osborn tasks them with creating a suitable set of guidelines to assist the NCC in developing the code and should go a long way to mitigating a lot of these costs and frustrations should the NCC proceed with a greenhouse standard.


Osborn has developed a series of questions in the form of a short survey which will be distributed to all PCA members to provide their own feedback.

This will be delivered shortly via an email.

It is critically important that growers have their say and provide insight into their own personal experiences at what needs to improve in order to decrease compliance costs for future greenhouse developments.

This will go a long way into giving Osborn the information they need to develop the guidelines for delivery to the NCC in the near future.

We will be sure to provide updates on this issue as they come to hand.

For any questions or for more information please contact PCA Director Folco Faber folco@pcaust.net