Greenhouse growers regularly consider new crops looking for a greater return on investment.

Horticultural skills can adapt easily to a new variety or genus.

And for a hydroponicist isolating the root zone is like riding a bike, as is keeping precious crops under lock and key.

Also our controlled environment allows for change to suit whatever crop and stage of growth.

So it is no wonder that greenhouse growers across Australia are wondering what is involved in growing the new hot crop, medical marijuana.

New MMJ licences and permits in AU

As of November 1st 2016, medicinal cannabis was legalised as a controlled perscription drug following changes to the Australian Commonwealth legistlation.

One can now apply for separate licences and permits to;



There are currently no fees for a licence or permit to manufacture MMJ.

Although not yet specified, cultivation fees will likely start at $5,000 and be non-refundable.

PCA Chair Robert Hayes says “Medical MJ is not going to be a crop for small or even medium sized protected cropping businesses.”

“Whether there will be opportunities for growers to profit from this, or whether ‘Big Pharma’ will capture all of the value by funding the research required remains to be seen.”

PCA will keep you up to date as far as we can.