PCA Proudly Supports AGENTIAL AI AgBio 2025 International Conference and Exhibition at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand

PCA is excited to announce its support for the AGENTIAL AI AgBio 2025 International Conference and Exhibition, set to take place from May 6-8, 2025, at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangkok, Thailand. This event focuses on AI in CEA and crop sciences.

AGENTIAL AI AgBio 2025 aims to empower agri-businesses by providing essential insights to leverage AI for reducing labor, increasing efficiencies, and enhancing sales and revenue. This event promises two days of transformative experiences, showcasing the future of farming and biosciences through AI’s transformative powers.
Event Highlights:
International Conference: Discover new pathways to the future with sessions designed to illuminate the role of AI in transforming protected cropping and crop sciences.
Exhibition: Explore cutting-edge solutions tailored for a new age of sustainable and efficient food and medicine production.
Networking: Connect with industry leaders and pioneers, fostering collaborations and partnerships that drive progress.
Key Focus Areas:
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA): Experience the latest in vertical farms and protected cropping.
  • Robotics: Discover advancements in automation, drones, and sensors revolutionising farming practices.
  • Data Processing: Learn about precision agriculture, IoT, and smart devices enhancing data-driven decisions.
  • Biotech: Delve into crop sciences, novel crops, and innovative breeding techniques.
  • Imaging: Explore computer vision and phenotyping technologies transforming agricultural monitoring.
  • Cannabis: Gain insights into high-tech production, genetics, cross-border regulations, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the cannabis industry.
Attendees will hear visionary insights from leading experts shaping the AI-driven future of agriculture and biosciences.
SUPER Early Bird Tickets are now available for purchase. Save AUD700 on your ticket (AUD599, down from AUD1299) by using the promo code: PCAAAA012025. Limited tickets are available, or until 31 July (AEST).
For more information, visit the AGENTIAL AI AgBio 2025 website: agentialai.com or connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/agential-ai-agbio
For any inquiries, including information about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at the event, please contact us at: info@agentialai.com
Join us at AGENTIAL AI AgBio 2025 to be at the forefront of AI innovations transforming agriculture and biosciences!
AGENTIAL AI is an AI-aware Australian event management company. With an experienced team, it showcases AI’s transformative power across industries, starting with agriculture. AGENTIAL AI empowers businesses and individuals amid technological change by uniting global experts, industry leaders, and stakeholders for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Committed to delivering world-class events, AGENTIAL AI helps navigate the AI revolution with agency and insight.