New South Wales, Australia – 18th of January 2024

Provenance Propagation, a customer focused and technology-centred propagation business located in New South Wales, proudly announces its latest achievement. Renowned for its expertise in plant propagation, the startup company has recently completed delivery of its largest order to date; 80,000 advanced grafted tomatoes to a satisfied QLD grower.

Provenance Propagation cultivates grafted tomatoes using state-of-the-art facilities and adhering to stringent hygiene and biosecurity standards. The company’s team of experienced horticulturists ensures that each grafted plant is meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance and then grown out in a controlled environment to steer the crop according to the clients specs.

More recently grafted cucumbers have also been on the company agenda in a bid to combat the effects of fusarium for local Coffs Harbour producers. Varietal improvements and now a hi-tech nursery dedicated to the cultivation of grafted plants represents a significant leap forward in meeting the diverse needs of the horticultural community. The Provenance emphasis is on providing value for growers through maximising yields, improving disease resistance, and optimising crop quality.

“Our venture into grafted cucumber is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing growers with solutions that boost productivity and sustainability,” said Dr Jack Mooney, Founder of Provenance Propagation. “We have always prided ourselves on being at the forefront of propagation technology, and the addition of grafted cucumbers to our product lineup is a progression for us.”

By expanding their offerings to include a multitude of grafted horticultural crops, Provenance Propagation aims to empower growers across Australia to overcome challenges and achieve greater heights. Grafted cucumbers complements the company’s existing range of products, reinforcing Provenance Propagation’s status as a comprehensive provider of cutting-edge propagation solutions.

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About Provenance Propagation:
Provenance Propagation is a leading propagation company based in New South Wales, Australia. With a focus on grafted tomatoes and a recent inclusion of grafted cucumbers, the company is dedicated to providing growers with high-quality grafted plants that enhance crop performance and sustainability.