25 January 2024

Water quality can be a game changer for grain growers. Hard water, which usually contains elevated levels of calcium and magnesium ions, has long been a challenge for growers.

It can wreak havoc on herbicide performance, leading to reduced efficacy and potentially costly consequences for crop protection. It can cause herbicide molecules to bind with the ions in the water rather than effectively penetrating weeds. As a result, the desired herbicidal effects are diminished, leaving your crops vulnerable to weed infestations.

This is where VICCHEM’s OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant steps in as a game-changer in itself.  It is designed to make herbicides work more effectively in even some of the most challenging water conditions.  With its unique blend of ammonium sulphate formulants and HASTEN technology, OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant is your key to achieving outstanding results in your grain growing operations.

A WA field trial in Nungarin showed the effectiveness of OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant.  At a rate of 0.5% per 100litres of water resulted in enhanced control of Prickly Paddy Melon and Burr Grass compared to a 700 spray adjuvant used in this trial.

Extended effectiveness – the dry-down rate of spray droplets on weeds can be notable delayed, allowing for a more prolonged herbicide leaf penetration.

Improved hard water tolerance – the trial demonstrated that even in the presence of hard water, herbicide effectiveness is improved, overcoming the typical loss of herbicide efficacy associated with hard water.

To find out more about visit OUTRIGHT770.COM.AU or visit your local rural retailer.

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