Integrating Recirculating Fish Culture
With Hydroponic Plant Production

The integration of fish farming with hydroponics has been around since the 1970’s, and in recent times has become more important, and more technical and successful in our field of hydroponics.

A comprehensive new book “Commercial Aquaponic Systems” by recognised industry specialist, Wilson Lennard, is now on sale direct from the author.

It’s based on Wilson Lennard’s PhD and 17 years in the industry, and as such is deeply research based and full of amazing background – and one section is devoted to the Ethics of Aquaponics.

There are hundreds of details covered from the optimum food for a particular species of fish and what plant nutrients come from fish waste, and much more.

There is ‘Water Chemistry’, staged fish feeding, and the conundrum of an imbalance between fish waste and plant nutrient requirements.

And if you need it you can find out what worms do in media beds.

Discussed are the technology of the systems where fish production and plant production can be integrated to the benefit of both, in the most modern, scientific way – and there are various newly evolving technologies explained in the book.

Wilson Lennard also has a chapter on satellite technologies such as greenhouses, lighting, etc, but he concentrates on ways in which fish farming and plant production can be integrated using the latest science and technology.

There are 15 chapters and nearly 400 pages. It can become your go-to text for commercial aquaponic systems.