PCA is the hub of information for the horticulture industry. Our members and industry stakeholders place a high value on the organisation’s news and information services.

To reach decision-makers and the community, PCA produces a number of print and electronic publications, and engages on social media.

Soilless Magazine

PCA’s flagship publication, Soilless, is a quarterly print magazine. It has been read by the organisation’s members and those with a vested interest in the industry for more than two decades.

The magazine continues to be at the forefront of news delivery. It contains information found in no other publication including the latest industry news, technical data, current research, and upcoming events. It is an easy way to keep up-to-date with developments in the industry.

Since its inception, Soilless magazine has undergone several transformations to ensure a high-quality product for subscribers, sponsors and advertisers.

Members receive four hard-copy print editions each year and can also access the full magazine online through our website.

October 2019 Newsletter

Under Cover

Under Cover is a monthly e-newsletter designed to keep members and subscribers informed about issues relevant to the protected cropping industry.

It also includes details of upcoming local, national and international events specifically related to the industry.

Protected Cropping R&D Round Table

Hort Innovation and Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) facilitated the “Future of Protected Cropping Research Summit” to identify a suite of works to deliver targeted outcomes for PC growers in Australia. This consultation was led by an independent facilitator Cath Botta and involved major industry stakeholders including growers, researchers, allied trade, and potential funding partners.