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Innovations in Lighting & Sensor Technology: Travis Higginbotham, Director Global Horticulture Service

Light Consideration for Medical Cannabis: Graeme Smith – Graeme Smith Consulting

Integration of Light with Climate, Irrigation & Plant Nutrition: Andrew Olley, Plant Specialist, Signify

Container Selection for Medicinal Cannabis: Elliott Akintola – Garden City Plastics

What is the “Best” Greenhouse Design for Medicinal Cannabis for Australia?: Carl van Loon, Powerplants

Growing Media for Medicinal Cannabis: Reyaneh Portel – Garden City Plastics

Growing Medicinal Cannabis is Pharma, Not Food: Sonny Moerenhout, Grodan

The Ethnopharmacology of Cannabis: Justin Sinclair, University of Western Sydney

Dehumification: Explained: Yanor Yazma, DryGair Energies Ltd.

Medical Cannabis: Overview: Emily Rigby

Photobiology: Steve Graves, Fluence Bioengineering

Bee Services: Wayne Fuller & Janine Rudder

Licensing, Regulation and Design of Medical Cannabis Facilities: Matthew Hayes, Pharmout

What’s Happening Overseas? What Growers Can Learn: Nicky Mann

Pollinators in Protected Cropping Systems: How to Move Forward: Romina Rader, University of New England

Protected Cropping in the Tropics: Elio Jovicich and Heidi Wittl, Dept of Agriculture & Fisheries

Poly-phosphates: Ronald Valke, Haifa Group

Why Water Management?: Marcus van Heijst, Priva Oceania

Reducing the Biosecurity Risk in Plant Production: John McDonald

The Seasonal Worker Program: Grant Owen, Owen Pacific Workforce

Nutritional Requirements of Evergreen Blueberry Crops: Sophie Parks, Marine Estate Management Authority

Improving the Post-harvest Management of Berries: Dr Jenny Ekman, Applied Horticultural Research

Town Planning Glasshouse Projects: Andrew Young

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Growing: Ros Harvey, The Yield Technology Solutions

Working Through The Planning Maze: Ian Sinclair, Edge

Substrate Production for the Future: René van der Meché, Kekkilä-BVB Australia

Impact of Plastics in Protected Growing: Tom de Smedt, RKW Hyplast

IPM Strategies for Greenhouse Hydroponic Production of Berry Crops: Wade Mann, 2015 Australian Nuffield Farming Scholar

Education & Training for Emerging Leaders in Australian Protected Cropping Industry: Assoc. Prof. Zhong-Hua Chen, Western Sydney University

Protected Cropping Use of Smart Glass to Reduce Energy Costs in: Oula Ghannoum, Western Sydney University

Plant Nutrition: Domenic Cavallaro, Stoller Australia

YaraTera SUPER FK 2019: Peter de Vries

Identifying Key Greenhouse Pests and Their Beneficials: Jake Byrne, James Altman & Lachlan Chilman, Biological Services