For North Queensland grower, Aldo Pezzelato, both quality and yield are of equal importance to the bottom line and as such he takes great care to provide his crops with the best nutrition and protection possible with a range of Yara fertilisers.

Mr. Pezzelato’s passion for agriculture has been honed from 3 generations of farming. He grows eggplants in a greenhouse environment and other crops such as sugarcane, rhodes grass and peanuts in an open field.

In Australia, greenhouse growing of crops is becoming more popular with growers as its protected environment allows the crops to withstand some of the usual pressures such as weather and pests often leading to greater harvesting yield and higher quality crops.

“Greenhouses are a lot easier as they are more controlled. Normally rain and wind are a
challenge because the weather in general is something you can’t control. However, the greenhouses are allowing us to limit the impact the weather has on the plants,” Mr. Pezzelato says.

Mr Pezzelato also said that whilst greenhouses help to protect the crops from external threats such as weather, “there is always going to be the threat of insects and other diseases. As growers what we can do is put our focus on growing healthy and strong crops that will be better able to withstand any potential threats.”

Mr. Pezzelato has been using a variety of Yara products for a number of years including YaraLivaTM Calcinit and Krista Mgs.

“I have tried some other products on the market, but I find that Yara fertilisers are much more stable, consistent and the plant responds quickly to them. When I open a Yara bag, I know what to expect and the plants love it,” he says.

With a combination of greenhouse and open field farming, the future looks promising for Aldo as he hopes to expand the greenhouse to begin growing other crops. His passion for agriculture drives him to seek the most optimal solutions to achieve quality crops and high yields.

“Yield is based on healthy plants. If you get the right nutrients into it, you get the right crop. Simple as that.”

Yara’s Local Representative, Trent Johnson says, “Working with growers such as Aldo makes my job really satisfying. He is always passionate about his crops and takes pride in his work and what he grows. Experiencing firsthand the results and impact that Yara’s Crop Nutrition programs and products have made to Aldo’s business make working for Yara extremely rewarding.”