Plantlogic Limited Appoints Fernland as Distributor in Australia

Plantlogic Limited, a leading provider of innovative solutions for commercial substrate production, has announced the appointment of Fernland as the distributor for its products in Australia. This will enable Plantlogic to expand its reach and better serve its customers in the region.

Fernland, a trusted supplier of horticultural and landscaping products for over 45 years, will offer the full range of Plantlogic products. This will provide Fernland’s customer’s access
to Plantlogic’s advanced solutions for sustainable and efficient crop production, backed by expert advice and support.

“We are excited to partner with Fernland, a well-respected company in the horticultural industry,” said Israel Holby, Director of Plantlogic Limited. “Their strong distribution network and industry expertise will help us reach a wider audience of commercial growers who can benefit from our innovative products and approach to crop production.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Plantlogic Limited and to be able to offer their cutting-edge commercial substrate production products to our customers,” said Nick Hutchinson, General Manager of Fernland. “This relationship with Plantlogic will enable us to provide a wider range of products and services to enhance productivity and sustainability in the industry. We look forward to working closely with Plantlogic to achieve our shared goals.”

About Plantlogic:

Plantlogic Limited is a leading provider of innovative solutions for commercial substrate production growers. With a focus on optimising yields, minimising water usage, and improving disease management, Plantlogic offers a range of products, including drainage collection pots, round and square pots, growing systems and a robust assortment of accessories. For more information, visit

About Fernland:

Fernland is a leading supplier of horticultural and landscaping products in Australia. With over 45 years of industry experience, Fernland offers a comprehensive range of quality products and services to increase yields and enhance productivity in the industry. For more information, visit


Fernland: Nick Hutchinson, General Manager | Ph: +61-7-5454-8800 Plantlogic Limited: Israel Holby, Director | Ph: +1-503-308-8837